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Dr Ylva Hillbur ​was appointed as Deputy Director General for Research at the International Institute of

Tropical Agriculture (IITA) in August, 2012.

IITA’s scientific focus is on biotech and plant breeding, social science and agribusiness, natural resource

management/soil science, plant production and plant health. Nutrition, food technology and bioinformatics

are examples of prioritized areas for future investment. IITA is fully engaged in the CGIAR Research

Programs, CRPs, taking active part in nine of the programs and leading the “Integrated Systems for the

Humid Tropics", Humidtropics.

IITA is also building public/private partnerships through a range of initiatives, e.g. strengthening the seed

sector, and activities to stimulate youth employment and entrepreneurship in the agricultural sector.

The strategy of the International Institute for Tropical Agriculture, (IITA), sets clear targets – by

2020 the institute’s research efforts will have contributed to lifting 11 million Africans out of poverty and

to restoring 7.5 million hectares of land into sustainable use.
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The French-Swedish Prize For Young Researchers

Green chemistry serving human health - 1st prize Magali Proffit for her research

that focuses on investigating interactions between species and the mechanisms,
particularly the signals, involved in their maintenance.

Chemical signals, volatile organic compounds mainly, are one of the most important

mediators of interaction between species. Therefore, Magali has been particularly

interested in the role played by odours in mediating plant-insect dynamics in

ecological and evolutionary time.

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Utmärkelse till framstående doktorsarbete

Martin Andersson har fått belöning av KSLA-akademien för sitt fina doktorsarbete.
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The French-Swedish Prize For Young Researchers

Green chemistry and human health - 1st prize Julien Pelletier for his work

Function of olfactory proteins involved in the reception of oviposition signals in mosquito antennae

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The smart Fruitfly (in Swedish)

Pheromones - the good pesticides (in Swedish)


Fruktflugan avgörande för forskningen
P4, 2012-09-12

Hudbakterier avgör om malariamyggan biter
P1, Vetenskapsradion, 2011-12-30

In the news

Angripna granplantor ger skydd mot bomullsfly
SLU 2012-11-06

Bed Bug Behavior - What Smell Can Tell

Noldus, 2012-03-01

Mottlarvers gnag störs av myggangrepp

SLU, 2011-12-15

Snabba hundnosar hittar angripna granar

SLU notiser, nr 4 2011



Anti-Aphrodisiac Protects Young Bedbugs

ScienceDaily, 2010-09-08

Common Mosquito Repellent No Longer Repels Certain Mosquitoes

ScienceDaily, 2010-05-06

Så släcks myggans blodtörst

Forskning & Framsteg 5/2009

Jästdofter styr global skadegörare
Notiser från SLU, oktober 2012, sid 2

Fruktflugans doftande paradis
SLU Resurs nr.5 2012, sid 17

Bed Bug Behavior - What Smell Can Tell

Noldus, March 1, 2012









































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