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First prize to young researcher working with "Green chemistry serving human health

Researcher Magali Proffit was awarded the first prize in French-Swedish Prize for young researchers 2012. The prize was presented at the French Embassy in Stockholm, January, 18. The theme for the prize was Green chemistry serving human health.

The jury's motivation: "The first prize goes to Magali Proffit, a postdoctoral researcher at SLU (Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet), in the Division of Plant Protection Biology, for her work on the communication between insects and plants via chemical substances. This research has implications for human health: control of species interactions may for example reduce the use of noxious pesticides and lead to an improved food production."


Magali Proffit came to SLU in 2009 and is a post doctor at the Department of Plant Protection Biology, Chemical Ecology. Her research focuses on investigating interactions between species and the mechanisms, particularly the signals involved in their maintenance. Chemical signals, volatile organic compounds mainly, are one of the most important mediators of interaction between species. Therefore, Magali has been particularly interested in the role played by odours in mediating plant-insect dynamics in ecological and evolutionary time. 

In her current post-doctoral position at SLU, Magali studies the resilience of chemical communication between plants and insects in the context of the ongoing climate changes due to increasing global human activities. One of the major consequences of these changes is temperature increase, promoting the invasion of species in environments that used to be too cold for them. These invasive species could disrupt the complex local networks of species.

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